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For many years we are striving for high quality pointers, both in terms of exterior and functionality. Every year, over a dozen puppies are born under our breeding nickname. If you feel ready to become a dog owner, check out the current offers and announcements of future litters in our kennel.

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GIN TONIC z Czarnego Dworu (BARCELONA z Czarnego Dworu x ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda)

Date of birth: 09.07.2019

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New litter in our kennel out of BARCELONA z Czarnego Dworu and ELLIOT z Snu Nemroda was born in July.

Puppies come from a line of utility dogs that hunt for field- and waterfowl. Parents are characterized by an excellent wind, pointing, passion and great fetching. When it comes to their appearance you can count on an attractive coat (light black or brown ticked), a strong body structure, an elegant head, a stable top- and underline. Certain, skimpy character, lack of aggression.

Puppies raised at home. They are familiar with the surrounding environment and socialized. There is one male puppy from this litter available for sale.

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BARCELONA z Czarnego Dworu

Junior Champion of Poland, 3 x CWC, BIS III

ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda
C.I.E., Club Winner, Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Poland, P 1, FT 1

If you interested in purchase of the female, send us e-mail to

HI z Czarnego Dworu (UTOPIA z Czarnego Dworu x Edelhof VENANDI VIKING)

Date of birth: 17.08.2019

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At the end of 2018 UTOPIA, the most titled female in our kennel, had a litter out of the wonderful Serbian stud dog Avaline TALISMAN. The combination was done in the genealogical line, all 13 puppies in terms of appearance and psyche were close to each other, presenting in our opinion the highest class.

The next litter of UTOPIA is out of Edelhof Venandi Viking (VICO), a beautiful and perfectly young stud dog imported from Australia. He is a strong build dog with a male head, excellent angulation, and above all an incredibly elegant movement and a great psyche.

This time it was a mating between two individuals completely unrelated to each other. The origin of VICO is absolutely foreign, his ancestors will not be found in the pedigrees of European dogs. We share great hopes with puppies born on 17.08.2019.

UTOPIA z Czarnego Dworu

Multi BIS Winner, v-ce World Winner 2017, C.I.E., Grand Champion of Poland, Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Romania, Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Winner of Lithuania, 25 x CACIB, 20 x BOB

Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Poland, Lithuanian Club Winner, CACIB, 2 x BIS

If you interested in purchase of the female, send us e-mail to

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