3 reasons to choose our dogs

Mix of knowledge and experience

Our kennel exists for almost 40 years and belongs to international FCI judge

Successes on the dog shows

Already 24 European and World Winners come from our kennel

People’s confidence

Our dogs have found owners in dozens of countries around the world. Let’s see their opinions

Our dogs

Let's meet our German Shorthaired pointers with a lot of achievements on the dog shows in Poland and abroad

DON z Czarnego Dworu

born 2008 (OBELIX z Czarnego Dworu x Malomközi DORKA) - Junior Champion of Poland, Champion of Poland, Champion of Cyprus, Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Slovenia, Champion of Serbia, Champion of Denmark, Champion of Netherlands, C.I.B., C.I.E., World Winner, European Winner, European Winner-VDH, Club Winner, 2xBIS

BARCELONA z Czarnego Dworu

born 2017 (UBER z Czarnego Dworu x ICED CHOCOLATE z Czarnego Dworu) - Junior Champion of Poland

FINEZJA z Czarnego Dworu

born 2018 (Avaline TALISMAN x UTOPIA z Czarnego Dworu) – Junior Champion of Slovakia, 6 times on the BIS podium

GRANDE PANDA z Czarnego Dworu

born 2019 (ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda x BARCELONA z Czarnego Dworu)

UTOPIA z Czarnego Dworu

born 2015 (DON z Czarnego Dworu x EVITA z Czarnego Dworu) - Multi BIS Winner, v-ce World Winner 2017, C.I.E., Grand Champion of Poland, Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Romania, Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Winner of Lithuania


German Shorthaired Pointers “Z Czarnego Dworu” achieve many successes on the show rings in Poland and other countries around the world. We can boast about dozens of champions which come from our kennel.