DON z Czarnego Dworu

Living in my kennel temporarily (for finishing the champion titles of several countries, including Poland) World Junior Winner 2006 OBELIX z Czarnego Dworu (then unknown in terms of breeding value; at this time without offspring), according to the agreement with then owner could mate my females. Among three litters after this stud dog three puppies were born from the combination with Malomközi DORKA. DORKA stayed at this time with my close friends at their home, where - as befits a future king of the dog shows rings - DON came in bed into the world. Today it is hard to believe, but despite the great interest of this dog from the leading breeders and handlers even from outside of Europe, he has not found a new home. Finally, I decided to leave DON with his sister DONA in my kennel. It was a great decision.

Since late autumn DON has been boarded out to my friend, whom I have been cooperating with in all cynological activities for years. In the spring he won with DON the first-degree diploma (maximum points) on trial work, on the National Field-Trials obtained 1st-degree and 2nd place in the couple competition in open class, then won Derby class on the National Field-Trials in the solo competition. In the meantime, at the request of my friend from Cyprus, I agreed to make him the co-owner of DON. When DON finished the dog shows in the central European countries, he began new life in Cyprus.

In 2009-2012 I cooperated with excellent young handler from Poland. We have showed DON at events in Poland and abroad. As a result of this, he has won following titles: World Winner 2010, European Winner 2011, VDH European Winner, CIB, CIE, Junior Champion of Poland, Champion of Poland, Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Denmark, Champion of Serbia, Champion of Slovenia, Champion of Cyprus, Champion of the Netherlands), got 25 x CACIB, 1xresCACIB, 43xCAC / CWC, 2xresCAC, Pointers Club Winner 2010, 3xBIS I, 3xBIS II, 2xBIS IV, BIS IV Champion Show, BIS I of Working Dogs x 3, BOG on European Dog Show 2011.

DON has left many descendants, mostly from combinations with the females from “Z Czarnego Dworu” kennel. The most famous are: World Junior Winner MERCI z Czarnego Dworu, European Winner SZAFIR z Czarnego Dworu, European Winner ANA MARNA vom Picahaus and Eurasia Winner URIS z Czarnego Dworu.

DON has been staying with a wonderful friend in Cyprus for several years now. In Poland there is frozen semen, which was used for insemination of females in different countries. The remaining doses will certainly be used several times in my kennel. I am happy with the success of the children of this unique dog.


For UCHE z Czarnego Dworu, leading European female in 2004-2006 (European Club Winner, 2xBIS, Club Winner, 1st place. European Show in Tulln, 2nd place at the European Show in Helsinki, 3rd place at the World Dog Show in Poznan) coming from the leading German stud dog - YOGHURT vom Hege-Haus, I was looking for a suitable partner for a long time. In the beginning I observed UNGARO during his stay at the first owner, and finally after a few months, when he changed his home, I decided to use this unknown dog for mating. 1.5 years later, UNGARO vom Hege-Haus was on the 1st place on the last dog show before IKP, later becoming a leading stud dog in Germany and in the whole world. From the litter UNGARO x UCHE I left the female OLGA z Czarnego Dworu (she became later European Winner from Budapest), and up to age 1.5 years stayed with me also his brother OBELIX (World Junior Winner from Poznan). The first three OBELIX litters were in my kennel. Don’s mother is Malomközi DORKA's - very titled female from world-leading kennel belonging to Istvan Nagy. The sister of Dorka - DAFKE is a triple European Winner and World Winner. DORKA received resCACIB on the European Dog Show in Bratislava.

There are a lot of world stars among the kurzhaars in the pedigree of the D-litter.

I would like to invite you to the webpage devoted to the leading kennel of German Shorthaired Pointers from the 70s to the late 90s of the 20th century Hege-Haus belonging to Karin and Wilhelm Stramann, whom my kennel owes much.

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