10.-11.09.2021, Czech Republic, Memorial Milana Novotneho

The success of Fenomen at the prestigious Memorial Milana Novotneho in the Czech Republic.

FENOMEN z Czarnego Dworu (Avaline TALISMAN x UTOPIA z Czarnego Dworu), owner Sebastian Ordziniak – 1st degree diploma, maximal amount of points, maximum marks from all competitions. Congratulations on such a high achievement! Big thanks to Magdalena Hoffman for the help in preparing the dog for competition!

In the first edition of MMN, in which Polish dogs participated, in 2004, three Polish pointers received a set of points: DIANA z Czarnego Dworu (owner Wiesław Cholewa), DIAMENT z Czarnego Dworu (owner Jacek Bińkowski; res CACIT) and Malomkozi JOKER (owner Wojciech Burski, guide Irek Kowalik). Both, Joker and the parents of Diana and Diament, are in Fenomen’s pedigree.