EUFORIA z Czarnego Dworu

EUFORIA (or RIJA, RIJKA or RYJEK - as we call her at home) is out of our favorite female - EVITA z Czarnego Dworu. The mating of EVITA with the Serbian Work Champion and Junior World Winner, European Winner Avaline TALISMAN resulted in a litter of 4 puppies (one of them was a light black ticked male dog).

EUFORIA is a petite female (59 cm at the withers), very well proportioned, with an expressive chest, short format and effective movement. Color - light brown ticked without patches. She has a great character - she is gentle, kind, nice and very contact. In the field, a bit of an individualist, broadly and quickly searching the area. She has a very good wind, a perfect pointing, a natural apport. EUFORIA likes working in the water.

EUFORIA - despite the obstacles related to the pandemic - was successfully presented on the show rings, also outside Poland. The filigree, very nice in behavior female eceived the highest recognition in the eyes of 7 different judges from 5 countries: 4 x CACIB, 2 x resCACIB, 10 x CAC / CWC. Good performances of EUFORIA resulted in obtaining the following titles: Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Poland, Champion of Bulgaria, Champion of the Balkans and Grand Champion of Bulgaria. It is a great pleasure to show her on the dog shows...



EUFORIA is a half-sister of the highly awarded UTOPIA z Czarnego Dworu. UTOPIA is out of WW, EW DON z Czarnego Dworu, and EUFORIA - out of EW, JWW Avaline TALISMAN. Both stud dogs have the same father - OBELIX z Czarnego Dworu - a dog that many breeders dream of being among the ancestors of their pointers. EUFORIA's mother, EVITA, was a very intelligent, easy-to-train, incredibly nice and sympathetic female dog with great working qualities, which she passes on to her offspring perfectly. EVITA is based on the blood of Malomközi kennel (with WW, EW Malomközi JOKER - my first World Winner as her grandfather), although through her great-grandfather GORAN di Dual Status she has an infusion of Hege-Haus, the world's leading German kennel. Obelix came from the mating between UNGARO KS vom Hege-Haus and UCHE z Czarnego Dworu, daughter of the male dog JOGURT vom Hege-Haus. EUFORIA's parents, selected in a deliberate way, after a careful analysis of the characteristics of the parents and their ancestors, predict excellent prospects as to the genetic value of this female.

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