GRANDE PANDA z Czarnego Dworu

I really wanted to have another female with a similar color (white with black spotted freckles) like EVITA z Czarnego Dworu. For this reason, I decided that BARCELONA's first mating was with a male ELLIOT ze Snu Nemroda (light black ticked). Five years earlier I judged him at a dog show and I liked him very much.

GRANDE PANDA (PANDA for short - as we call her due to the characteristic color of the head) is a very social pointer, without a show of aggression. Easy to train, but stubborn. Effectively colored, cheerful, friendly to all people. Like her mother BARCELONA, balanced at work and calm. Willing to work both in dry fields and in water. PANDA is in the upper limit of height - 63 cm.


Panda's father, ELLIOT, is a male dog that participates in hunting with his owner almost all days of the hunting season. He is incredibly experienced, with well-established hunting qualities. In his pedigree, he has as maternal great-grandfather a dog named CYT z Czarnego Dworu (Champion of Poland), son of World Winner 1998 LORD Tergy (light black ticked; the same dog is in ELLIOT's pedigree as paternal great-grandfather).

Panda's mother, BARCELONA, has harnessed genes from the world-class Hege-Haus kennel. I was hoping that the combination of two slightly inbred individuals for different dogs would result in strong, healthy offspring. The result is this glamorous female.

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