NESTEA z Czarnego Dworu

NESTEA comes from a very large litter of 13 puppies. It was exceptional litter, because in the full range of colors - the puppies were brown ticked, black ticked, solid liver and solid black. This is a rare situation. Their origin was the result of a well-thought-out decision.

I decided to mate one of my females (slightly inbred to Czarny Dwór pointers) with a dog from the Moon Eyes kennel, which was based on a female named CZAGA z Czarnego Dworu. The goal was to have a correct exterior and impeccable work.

NESTEA is a large, strong-boned, strong-built and short-backed female dog. Her color is very light, i.e. large black dots rarely placed on a white background, as well as a black head and a small patch at the base of the tail. She has a bit tough character, but is also very gentle towards people and other dogs.

She runs wide in the field and is easy to drive. Her standing and retrieve are impeccable. NESTEA took part in work tests, the so-called breeding tests. She gained maximum number of points and 1st degree diploma.


NESTEA descends in a direct line from the European Winner OLGA z Czarny Dwór, a female that in 2008, despite suffering a leg injury one year before, defeated the entire field of German Shorthaired Pointers at the Euro Dog Show in Budapest, obtaining BOB. OLGA's pedigree was the result of crossing dogs from two leading kennels in Europe: Hege-Haus and Malomközi. NESTEA, through her father TORES Moon Eyes and her maternal grandfather ELIOTT ze Snu Nemroda, has in her blood a lot of interesting dogs from currently outstanding kennels.

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