UTOPIA z Czarnego Dworu

For a long time I was thinking about the proper partner for EVITA, finally the choice fell on the dog DON z Czarnego Dworu. There were 6 puppies (1 male, 5 females). The litter was extremely well balanced and the puppies were very similar in appearance and character.

Over the choice of UTOPIA (with help of a friend (veterinarian) dealing with dogs from my kennel and repeatedly presenting “Z Czarnego Dworu” GSPs on the show rings) prevailed considerations of the overall effect. A light background of the coat, dark pigment of patches, a lovely sculpture of a completely brown head, excellent angulation and perfect top- and underline. It all decided that this female stayed in my kennel

UTOPIA very quickly gets used to the new conditions. He also good behaves in the playpen, at home and in the car. Nowhere does it cause trouble.

Despite his young age, in the field resembles her mother. She works fast, goes far away in the field. She fetches everything and under all conditions. Currently, UTOPIA is in the training I personally conduct, returning to the skills learned from my distant working days with different dogs.

UTOPIA took part in the first dog show very early. For the first time she won 1st place in the puppy class at the age of 4.5 months. Like a mother, she is cheerful and brave, arouses the interest of the spectators and followers. At the European Show in Brussels she won the puppy class and became the best puppy in the breed. His first start in junior class ended with BOB Junior.


The pedigree of UTOPIA’s parents is based on dogs from Malomközi and Hege-Haus kennels. Father DON z Czarnego Dworu (European and World Winner) is the son of World Junior Winner OBELIX z Czarnego Dworu (from the combination of the leading German male dog UNGARO vom Hege-Haus and European Junior Club Winner UCHE z Czarnego Dworu) and v-ce European Winner Malomközi DORKA (daughter of European Winner FOX and World Winner Malomközi SABA). Mother - EVITA z Czarnego Dworu - is the granddaughter of World Winner Malomközi JOKER and granddaughter of World Winner Malomközi TREFF. In the pedigree of UTOPIA, Hege-Haus blood carries alongside UNGARO such excellent dogs as EMMILY, JOGURT and GORAN di Dual Status.

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