EVITA z Czarnego Dworu

A female dog with attractive coat: light black ticked with black head. Small - 59 cm high, dog with a high temperament, very playful on a daily basis. Pleasant, her behavior quickly connects friends both among humans and dogs. She loves children. Always gentle to the people, friendly-oriented to dogs, although able to intrude in relation to interlopers.

As a hunting dog in a wide field very fast, working far away. Very obedient. She has an in-born fetching. Excellent both upper and lower wind. Good, hard pointing. Easy to train, responsive to commands. Eager to work in water (EVITA obtained in the multiracial class 1st diploma (256/264 points) at the National Autumnal Competition).

EVITA stays in the playpen and on the run every day. At home where guests only in exceptional circumstances, is calm, does not dirty and does not destroy objects. Very eager to travel by car, no traffic sickness.

Up to now, she had two litters - in December 2015 and in December 2017, both out of DON z Czarnego Dworu. Litters in the line, although inbreded not to a high degree. Puppies very similar, leveled. She gave birth to 6 and 8 descendants, took excellent care of them, and raised trouble-free.


EVITA is the result of crossing of two lines in my kennel. The pedigree of the mother - IZZY z Czarnego Dworu - is based on Malomközi kennel, including the World Winners: father - Malomközi JOKER, grandfather - Malomközi TREFF and great-grandmother - Malomközi SABA. Evita’s father is HUMMER Zielona Brda, whose mother's background is based on "Z Czarnego Dworu" and "di Dual Status" dogs (another kennel continuing Hege Haus bloodline). On the paternal side are the dogs from "ze Stipek" kennel.

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