UBER z Czarnego Dworu

For a long time I was thinking about the proper partner for EVITA, finally the choice fell on the dog DON z Czarnego Dworu. There were 6 puppies (1 male, 5 females). The litter was extremely well balanced and the puppies were very similar in appearance and character.

UBER was socializing at a young age with a person who helped me with handling my German Shorthaired Pointers on the dog shows. After 4 months he returned to the kennel. He is an attractive dog, medium height, with an eye-catching coat. Relative to the strange people very unconfident, but friendly to other dogs. In the field works like his father - DON. Work pace average, excellent wind, a certain pointing. Currently in training.


The pedigree of UBER's parents is based on dogs from Malomközi and Hege-Haus kennels. Father DON z Czarnego Dworu (European and World Winner) is the son of World Junior Winner OBELIX z Czarnego Dworu (from the combination of the leading German male dog UNGARO vom Hege-Haus and European Junior Club Winner UCHE z Czarnego Dworu) and v-ce European Winner Malomközi DORKA (daughter of European Winner FOX and World Winner Malomközi SABA). Mother - EVITA z Czarnego Dworu - is the granddaughter of World Winner Malomközi JOKER and granddaughter of World Winner Malomközi TREFF. In the pedigree of UBER, Hege-Haus blood carries alongside UNGARO such excellent dogs as EMMILY, JOGURT and GORAN di Dual Status.

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