SARI z Czarnego Dworu

From the litter between DON z Czarnego Dworu and IZZY z Czarnego Dworu I decided to leave a female with undocked tail (in those years it was an exception to the rule). My choice just after birth fell to a bright brown ticked female without patches (the remaining puppies from the litter had docked tails). Among SARI’s siblings were inter alia SANTA - winner of the CAC intermediate class at the European Show in Bucharest - and SZAFIR – multiple BIS winner and European Winner from Brussels.

SARI is a strong female, a bit long, with strong bone. The top- and underline are unreservedly. Height at the upper limit of the standard. Head with long foreface. Great character, 100% friendly and cheerful.. She perfectly abandons travel and adopts himself to every condition. In the field not very fast, accurate, with excellent wind and pointing, exceptionally obedient, with innate in-kind fetching. As a very young female she got a 2nd degree diploma on a field trial. Perfectly raises puppies. Until now she had two litters.


Her pedigree is based on the World Winners coming from Malomközi kennel - Malomközi SABA (inbred on this female), Malomközi TREFF, Malomközi JOKER and on the dogs bred in my kennel: World Junior Winner OBELIX z Czarnego Dworu and World and European Winner DONA z Czarnego Dworu. The high homozygosity of SARI towards the characteristics passed by the most prominent representatives of this breed in the world indicate her high breeding value.

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